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Pastry Art & Culinary Academy Sdn Bhd is one of the baking center in Malaysia and has been training more than 1000 students come from all over Malaysia and overseas to gain a complete practical training and qualification in the baking & culinary fields.

Pastry Art & Culinary Academy Sdn Bhd is privately owned, and the school is managed personally by Elisabeth Siahaja, its Head Instructor. We have large teaching kitchen and extensive equipment facilities allow students for a high practical content in all its courses.

We have trained students to become professional bakers and some have been successfully operating their own business, as well as attached in the well-known hotels industry.

At Pastry Art & Culinary Academy Sdn Bhd, we support out students: We specialize in providing the best courses delivery from certificate to diploma training courses, given the most up to date facilities and technology resource for all qualifications available. Our students receive as much practical experience as possible and subsequently most courses assessments are practical.


Pastry Art & Culinary Academy Sdn Bhd 是一间马来西亚烘焙教育中心,自从本中心创办以来,我们已经很成功的培训超过1000位来自全国各地及国外的学生。Pastry Art & Culinary Academy Sdn Bhd 是一间私人机构烘焙训练学院,而院长Elisabeth Siahaja 具有丰富的厨艺和教学经验,为人和蔼的她受到学生们的爱戴。

本学院提供最好的课程由初级文凭到高级文凭,也提供足够完整的厨房课室,广泛的设备和先进器材给予学生们上课时充分的实战学习。除此之外,本中心也提供给予完整和实际的烘焙训练,以加强学员们的厨艺及技能。 从学生们所获得优秀成绩及表现,再配合学院精益求精的原则推动下,成功培训出多位的烘焙专业厨师,无论是在大酒店工作还是自己建立的事业,都创出一片天空。美好的将来就此开始......


Why Us ?

  • 最佳的学习环境 Best teaching environment
  • 拥有最新技术的优质的课程 Quality courses with up to date skills
  • 最佳的工作机会及未来发展 Best opportunity for job replacement
  • 最棒的地理位置 Best location
  • 额外的学习活动 Extra activities during full course learning period.
  • 为较弱的学生准备的加强班Extra class for weaker students
  • 面包店/咖啡馆的真实工业培训 Real industrial training in bakery / café
  • 厂家参观 Factories visiting
  • 特殊功能的烘焙产品 Making baked products for special functions
  • 与特邀厨师的额外课程 Special arrangement class with the invited chefs

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