Patisserie Full Time Baking Course - English

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Patisserie Full Time Baking Course - English Full Time Course Patisserie Full Time Baking Course - English Full Time Course


Diploma course:

  • Award London TQUK international patisserie diploma - External
  • Award PASTRY ART ACADEMY in baking science & technology certificate
  • Award in advance baking from Taiwan University - optional

Course fee:

  • RM 18,500.00, including ingredients, uniform, apron, cap, test file and exam fee. 
  • including England Diploma TQUK exam fee one time


  • Minimum admission age of 16
  • No education qualification
  • Ability to listen, write and read Basic English
  • Outsider provide dormitory

Class schedule:

  • Full time shift. Bilingual teaching and explaining
  • Semester 12 months course
  • 4 months in college
  • 8 months collage arrange for internship training at bakery or hotel (paid salary)
  • Lesson day Monday to Friday
  • Time 9 to 5 pm, (Theory & practical), 20% Theory, 80% Practical, 100% hands-on
  • Make 3-4 products every day, student taken home own product


  • Graduation from the baking university of Taiwan and obtain the Taiwan baking certificate
  • More than 20 years of baking experience and more than 10 years of teaching experience
  • Qualification of Malaysia SKM baking certificate
  • Have received TV2 video programs, media interview and invited to promote products for mercantile

Course Content : Theory & Practical Operation

The first semester:

  • Work safety and food hygiene quality management (HACCP)
  • Baking machine functions and operations
  • Calculation of baking cost
  • Calculation of baking formula materials
  • Calculation of baking percentage
Practical operation:
  • Dough mixing technology and knowledge of yeast dough
  • Dough divided, filling and shaping techniques
  • Making of Taiwan style bread and toast
  • Students learning ability assessment test

The second semester:

  • Baking formula design and mix
  • Understanding and analysis of baking materials
  • Type of bread and difference knowledge
  • Dough temperature control and calculation
  • Type and function of yeast dough analysis
  • Cultivation and preservation of natural yeast
  • Understanding and classification tart and pie
  • Product development and creative training
  • Interpersonal relationship and customer commination training
Practical operation:
  • Continental bread making = Soft Europe bread, feel bread, leaning bread
  • Hard bread making = French bread, Vienna bread, Italian bread, Arabic bread
  • Lamination dough making = Danish bread, Croissant, Puff pastry
  • Cultivation and production of natural yeast = Apple bread, Cranberry bread, Grain bread
  • Tart and Pie making = Chicken mushroom pie, Tuna pie, Quiche Lorrain, Royal peach pie
  • Student operation ability and bread production assessment test

The third semester:

  • Type of cake knowledge, difference and mixing method
  • Cake mixing process point
  • Cake batter blending
  • Cake baking tips and controls
  • Bakery shop management
  • Bakery shop operating cost and profit analysis
  • Market survey and elements of shop selection
Practical Operation:
  • Making of batter type cake = Butter cake, Browne, American muffin, Red velvet cake
  • Making of foam type cake = Traditional cake, Sponge cake, meringue cake
  • Making of chiffon type cake = Pandan chiffon, Cheese chiffon, Walnut pudding chiffon
  • Making of cheese type cake = New York cheese, Toffee cheese, Milky cheese, Japanese cheese
  • Making of mousse type cake = Caramel mousse, Chocolate mousse, Tiramisu mousse
  • Making of cupcake and Swiss roll = Hokkaido milk cake, Green tea roll, Yam roll
  • Student operation ability and cake production evaluation test

The four semester:

  • The difference and application of cake decoration
  • Understanding and application of frosting materials
  • Understanding of colour science and colour matching
  • Chocolate decoration application
  • Formulations for French desserts
  • Understanding and difference between biscuit and cookies
  • Preparation of sauce (Cold and Hot)
  • Understanding coffee machine and analysis
  • Understanding of coffee beans and coffee art
  • Understanding of sugar art
Practical operation:
  • Preparation and making of cake frosting
  • Practice and matching of frosting materials
  • Korean style flower practice and matching
  • Production and application of chocolate decoration
  • Design and production of 3D cake
  • Design and production of fondant wedding cake
  • Design and production Ginger bread
  • Making French dessert = Cream bulee, Macaroon, Cream puff, Crepes, Rice pudding
  • The final operation technical examination of the student
  • Diploma theory and practical operation technology simulation test
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